◉ A TF shoot is not, ”I need a shot with ____, and a headshot, then  ____, etc..." 
     — This is no longer a trade shoot. Let me give you my rates.

◉ If your social media is monetized. 
     — This is no longer a trade shoot. Let me give you my rates.

Trade shoots are...a trade. It lets me try out new things or create things that a typical client may not have interest in. It's also the time I tend to try out new gear before using it for paying clients. And if you have little or no experience you're probably not contributing much — other than being a warm body. 
But maybe you have access to a location/wardrobe/accessory/hair and makeup artist that would be great with my style? That would intrigue me. 

How good are your photos? If you've shot with a lot of amazing photographers there's a good chance you are an amazing model I would benefit working with. If it's not...well you might need to get a little more experience under your belt.

Another reason for doing trade shoots is social media. Do you have a large following and can increase my exposure by following me, tagging me in the photo, and description? 
  For example:
“Hey everybody, I just took some these beautiful pictures. Here's one of them right here. If anyone is looking for an awesome photographer, easy to deal with, super professional, super talented, I tagged so-and-so in the comments below. Be sure to follow him, check him out, DM him for his rates, and tell him I sent you.”

Please consider that you are asking for a service/product at no cost. It's like going to the club and asking for bottle service just because you like alcohol. And yes models your time is valuable too probably also don't shoot with everyone who just asks you.
If I reply back and say I'm not in the market for your look and you DON'T reply then I'm going to assume that you SPAM'ed a lot of photographers and you don't really care about my style or shooting with just wanted a free shoot from ANYONE. 
The thing that irritates me the most is people who I accept for a trade shoot and are very lackadaisical about communication thereafter. There's a lot of details to be finalized: wardrobe, location, time/date, etc. I've even experienced models try to show up late on the shoot day.  Suffice it to say those shoots were cancelled by me.
Manners matter.

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